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The Mousseau Books  2008 - 2009

Natural Earth Pigments on Found Paper.
The 'found' paper are five High School excercise books of Emily J. Mousseau dating from 1884 to 1886; purchased at a fea market in Charleston, S. Caorlina in 2004.  This collaboration is the result of a process come full cirlce; her marks an imposed discipline of repetition; mine a voluntary meditation on a single shape. 

References Black  7"H x 8.5"W  2008 For Kim Gamble.
References Red 7"H x 8.5"W  2008  For Mike Baur.
Position 7"H x 8.5"W  2008.
Definitions  2008  For Eleanor Himmelfarb.
Geographical Drawings  2009  For Bob Mueller.